Není návratu

Jistým bodem počínaje není již návratu. Toho bodu je třeba dosáhnout.
-Franz Kafka: Aforismy.
KLÍČOVÁ SLOVA: point of no return; život, vesmír a vůbec.


Blogger leonaverrelle said...

I have no idea what I'm commenting on; I'm afraid I can't read Czech (is that Czech?). But I noticed that part of your profile is in English, so I thought I'd take a chance; perhaps you could post in two languages? I've got some chutzpah, I realize, but from your profile, you seem really funny, and I'd love to be able to read your blog (I'm sure others in this language-deficient country of mine would, too). Besides, I, too, frequently forget my towel. In any case, feel free to check out my admittedly very new blog.

21/7/04 15:14  
Anonymous Anonymní said...

... že by teorie inflexních bodů Andyho G. z "Only paranoid survive"?... :)) Milan

25/7/04 09:33  


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