18 injured in the blast attack here in Prague

Several hours ago, a strong blast occured in the very center of Prague. Czech Press Agency reports 18 injured, most of them foreign tourists from Western countries. No one got killed, fortunately. I know, it's almost nothing when compared with the daily horrors of the streets of Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, let alone Madrid trains or 9/11. But this down here really is a very quiet country, we are not used to anything worse than traffic accidents. Our brand new Prime Minister Mr. Gross has spent several minutes on the spot and then announced that no terrorists operated there, just plain criminals. I wonder how could he tell so certainly but the politicians usually have their little secrets, you know (especially those who served as the minister of interior which Mr. Gross did until now). Anyway, a criminal's hand grenade is no better than terrorist's, I guess. (A photo by Martin Kavka linked from Právo.)
KEYWORDS: attack, criminals, cops.


Blogger akb said...

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3/8/04 09:42  
Anonymous Anonymní said...

Comment of our PM (the biggest railwayman) said: Don't worry, it is not terrorism it is just mafia. For me it sounds "It's not an enemy it's just my family".

8/8/04 12:19  
Anonymous Anonymní said...

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